[Winter Power Outage: What Do You Do All Day?]


It has become the new age question: so many things to do, where do I begin? Video games, forums, browser games, PC games, Gameboy DS/3DS, PSP, cell phone apps, online newspapers, online magazines, your Kobo/Kindle/tablet; the list goes on. But, they all require a source of electricity. So what happens when the batteries run out?

We turn to the archaic: paper books, pen and paper, we physically leave the home to talk to friends and family, we play board games, we spend time with each other. These are things many of us did when we were growing up. I’m a 90s child, so growing up more electronics were being developed and becoming cheaper. It was easier to get our hands on them, and for some people, became babysitters for parents. My parents though, never replied on them because, growing up themselves, they didn’t have any of these devices.

Personally, I have an entire bookshelf that can be read through, and enough paper and pens to paper Mache myself a house. I would be perfectly alright. I don’t live on my computer; I don’t solely rely on things that need to be plugged in in order to entertain myself. But eventually, I do need to turn my laptop back on, I do need to spend a few hours catching up with people I can’t see in person, and check in with blogs I follow and my own blog.

It is just the world we live in now where to move forward in our lives, we need to be connected. But, now and then though, it’s nice to power down and go back to basics.


[Poem][Disgruntled Glove]


Personification is giving an inanimate object a human-like personality, usually involving a range of emotions and/or an opinion about something. Try choosing an object that you use everyday or even one that hardly ever is used and think about what it may think/feel if it could speak.

The following is about a glove who is a wee upset about how it’s owner handles him.

You dropped me!

How could you?

I do my job right, don’t I?

I keep your hands warm,

When it’s too cold outside.

But you dropped me!

First sign of spring,

And you forget all about me.

You think you’re better off,


This is Canada bub,

It’ll get cold again!

But tough luck cookie,

I’m here in the wet snow!

Because you DROPPED me!