Mind Like a Sieve


So, you can guess, I’m not always fully aware of where I am posting.

Sadly, years ago, I stopped posting on this site…

But! As you may have seen, I posted on here last week!

Yeah, I didn’t exactly mean to post on this specific site….

I meant to post here: Slightly Elevated!

All of my main postings will take place on my new blog, but I may post the occasionally one here, since I do have some followers attached to The Uncanny Sublime.

As always, I would love to hear from you! Either here or on Slightly Elevated! 😀


[Poem][Comfy Couch]


Comfy Couch

Idle sitting on that comfy couch

Feet up high on the coffee table

Bags of chips and bottles of pop

Piling high on either side

Wrappers scattered around the floor

Living among the mess of your own indulgence

The couch potato personified

Content and unmindful of all around

Achieving the bare minimum to get by

Achieving the next level to unlock the next

Only winning on a screen

Never reaching beyond the remote

Growing wider

Ambition waning

[Poem][Free and Thrive]



My Soul

Something beneath the surface it thrives and thrashes


Away All

Something that can break the monster free


To Home

And let the soul be calm once again


My Soul

Break free and thrive

[Things of The Uncanny Sublime]


Things of the Uncanny Sublime


Want something no one else has? Want something people are going to ask about? Why not something with The Uncanny Sublime written on it?

In a small effort to promote my blog and my writing, I thought why not create an online shop that can allow my readers to carry a bit of myself with them.

Shop Things of the Uncanny Sublime!


If there are other items you would like to see available in the shop or other sayings (from my poems or short stories), please let me know! I’d be more than happy to fulfill your requests!

A permanent link to the shop is available in the contest bar to the left, under Pages.