Monday Morning


It’s Monday morning.

Whether it’s Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, I always say ‘Morning’ when I say hello to someone in the morning.

I never say ‘Good morning,’ and there is a reason behind that…

It’s only morning! How do I know it has been or will be a good morning? It could be an awful morning so far and, assuming that it’s been a good morning for you, could make you feel worse. If this is what happens on a good morning, what does a bad morning look like?!

I don’t want to jinx the day either!

Things could be going well, but after stating that the morning is good, could turn around and be a bad morning.

So, I say unto you.



[Only a couple more days until Christmas!]


My tree is up and all the presents are wrapped, bagged, and ready to go!

And yes, I decorated my Christmas tree with tigers. And yes, it was a lot of fun!

[Picture][Nappy Tiger]


Daylight savings occurred this past Sunday at 2am.

I hope everyone enjoyed their extra hour of sleep and put it to good use!

For now though, good night all and savoir the night come early.

[My First Love][Tiger: Spy in the Jungle]


I love the BBC for documentaries like this one.

Tigers are so close to my heart. I can’t recall loving any animals as much as I do tigers, save for my dear departed Australian Shepherd Willow.

These amazing big cats are critically endangered, with two subspecies having already gone extinct.

I know, I know, a lot of people hate on zoos and wildlife parks for their treatment of big cats, but I do support those that are registered through CAZA (Canadian Aquarium and Zoo Association). Zoos and parks that have earned the approval of CAZA are part of conservation efforts, breeding programs, rehabilitation, and spreading knowledge about all animals, endangered or otherwise. I strongly encourage you to visit yourself or take your family and/or friends to zoos and wildlife parks that are making a positive impact and avoid those that aren’t.

These amazing tigers, and all animals, deserve our help and our love.

[Poem][Visual Feast]


Something that I thought was impossible to happen in this day, has happened. 10 tigers were slaughtered purely for what people are describing as a ‘visual feast,’ purely for the entertainment value of being wealthy enough to afford such a display. I can think of no other means of describing such a cruel act than as disguising, disturbing, and unbelievably selfish of these people to think they had the right to do such a thing. I hope these people are being made to pay in some way for what they’ve taken away from the rest of us.

10 Tigers Reportedly Slaughtered for ‘Visual Feast’

Visual Feast


They don’t deserve the natural gift they’ve been given

They see flesh and fur, bones and organs

‘Medical’ ingredients that proves no more effective than placeboes

The world sees beauty and magnificent

Perseverance against the ignorant of their endangerment

The world sees and is disguised those that took part

Our own visual feast of what modern day monsters look like

Their selfish distain for thinking they held an ounce of a right

To take away so many precious live that could have brought so many more in to the world

What gave them the right to think they could kill the endangered?

Because of their money? Because they could afford the price tag?

What is the price of their shame now?

Now that the world knows what they did, what they are

How much money will they throw at us to make us forgive, to make us forget?

Not enough for their visual feast to have been worth it

Perhaps if these people threw their money the opposite way

Towards making 10 more lives instead of taking them

Their names would be held in honour in saving the endangered

Instead of our own feasting on their demise




            You steal my fur but not my stripes.

                        My stripes are my soul, they are mine,

                                                And you will never have them.

            Come with your guns and your knives.

                                    You take my skin off, bleach my bones,

                        Harvest my organs but you will never be me.

            Your children, your grandchild, and children’s children,

                                    Will never know me…

            You destroy when you should save,

                                                            The majesty of my skills, to hunt, to survive,

                                    To care for the cubs that you too hunt for.

                        I teach them my ways, my skills,

To survive not only the wild, but to survive you.

You will never own them either.

            Your children, your grandchild, and children’s children,

                        Will never know them, they will escape them too,

As I do with you now.

                                  My story is old, I have outlived you so far.

There are those that will fight to protect my cubs,

                                                When I cannot protect them or myself.

                But if you corner me, I will protect mine.

                                                              I will live beyond you.

                                                              You will never be me.