Classic Reads: Update!


Nicholas is giving me a difficult time.

I am making decent progress on reading this large novel, and I am enjoying it very much, but between work and trying to write, it’s been slow goings.

I’m about two thirds through the books and I have to say, I’m very glad I watched the movie a few times before reading the novel. The novel is very easy to follow, unlike a lot of serialized novels, but to be able to put actual faces to some of these names, makes this very easy to follow.

I have about 300 ish pages to go and I’m going to try and have this baby done in the next couple of days. Wish me luck!


Classic Reads


Reading is food for the soul. It broadens the mind and is capable of giving people amazing ideas. Reading lifts us up.

Right now I’m reading ‘Nicholas Nickleby,’ by Charles Dickens.

It’s heartbreaking, saddening, and reminds us even now, how good our lives are compared to others. But, there is always light at the end of the tunnel when you have family and friends who are there for you.

What classic novels have you read? Have you read any of them lately? Are there any on your To-Read list?

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All these pages we read

These novels we devour with our eyes

With our hearts and minds

We open ourselves to words written by others

Word by word they create worlds for us

We inhale deeply

Wanting more, something new

We run with their imagination

We change it with our own

We begin our own worlds with pen and paper

Our own pages begin to pile

Higher and higher our world grows

For others devouring pages and worlds

It’s our works

They begin to devour

[What I’m Reading Now…][‘Memories of Ice’]


What I’m Reading… ‘Memories of Ice’

The third novel in the epic fantasy series ‘The Malazan Book of the Fallen,’ we come back to the characters in ‘Gardens of the Moon,’ after nearly the 1,000 pages of the second novel, ‘Deadhouse Gates.’Memories’ takes place parallel to ‘Deadhouse Gates,’ so I cannot wait to keep reading.

I didn’t think there were any epic novel series anymore that could catch my attention so thoroughly. You see, I have two terrible habits when it comes to reading longer novels, and especially novel series that span more than 3 books. First, if I feel myself becoming bored with the novel, I skip to the last page and read it. Doesn’t seem that bad of a habit, but in a singular novel, it can pretty much give away the rest of the book.

The second, I become so impatient while reading a longer novel or series, that I end up searching the internet for synopsis of each book, so I don’t have to take the time to read it all. This one, I find, is far more damaging to the reading experience because it cuts out the need to read at all. Knowing that I do this, I usually stay away from ‘epic series’ because they aren’t interesting enough.

Steven Erikson has done a phenomenally wonderful job of giving just enough new information through new characters, character development, twists in the plot, and what seems like fated meeting between characters that you would never think would meet. You actually care about the characters, which for me, is refreshing. For example, I’m excited to continue onto the third installment of the series because it’s a direct continuation of the first novel, that’s taking place during the second novel.

‘Memories of Ice’ is 1,180 pages long. I will keep you posted on my progress now and then. Or, you can friend me on under the name Marie Rozalia

[Just finished reading…][‘Crafting Novels & Short Stories’]


I am always trying to find new books on writing and finding opinions and strategies that may benefit my own writing. This particular collection, I am so thankful I discovered.

Crafting Novels & Short Stories is a guide of articles and submissions by editors of Writer’s Digest, edited together by James Scott Bell. It covers literally everything an aspiring writer needs to know and veteran authors are due to remember. Editing, revising, prompts, character development, choosing narration, villain critiquing, hero and heroine structure, and, above all, encouragement by all these published authors.

Since reading On Writing by Stephen King, I have told countless people, whether they want to write or not, to read it. This is by far the next book I would highly recommend for anyone who writes, looking to publish or not. Nothing is better for a writer than encouragement.

[Winter Power Outage: What Do You Do All Day?]


It has become the new age question: so many things to do, where do I begin? Video games, forums, browser games, PC games, Gameboy DS/3DS, PSP, cell phone apps, online newspapers, online magazines, your Kobo/Kindle/tablet; the list goes on. But, they all require a source of electricity. So what happens when the batteries run out?

We turn to the archaic: paper books, pen and paper, we physically leave the home to talk to friends and family, we play board games, we spend time with each other. These are things many of us did when we were growing up. I’m a 90s child, so growing up more electronics were being developed and becoming cheaper. It was easier to get our hands on them, and for some people, became babysitters for parents. My parents though, never replied on them because, growing up themselves, they didn’t have any of these devices.

Personally, I have an entire bookshelf that can be read through, and enough paper and pens to paper Mache myself a house. I would be perfectly alright. I don’t live on my computer; I don’t solely rely on things that need to be plugged in in order to entertain myself. But eventually, I do need to turn my laptop back on, I do need to spend a few hours catching up with people I can’t see in person, and check in with blogs I follow and my own blog.

It is just the world we live in now where to move forward in our lives, we need to be connected. But, now and then though, it’s nice to power down and go back to basics.

[Moving Forward]


I want to try and move back into posting as I normally would. Yes, moving forward by moving backwards. Makes complete sense, I know.

So… tomorrow, I will post the pieces I have already prepared, I will continue posting on my writing, my thoughts, and what I’m reading. I have a large bookcase made heavy with author’s names, and a crammed Kobo that needs some space.