The drops of rain fell

From the Heavens down to Earth

Departed from the divine

To the mortal realm

Immortal in the sky

Above the decay and mortality

Above all the pain and death

To be free in the sky forever

But the rain must fall

Spread throughout every inch

To bring life to everything that breathes

Their ascent is not their death

It is their rebirth within everything that lives

Their Heaven is both above and below

Among the living that love and live





Circular lines of start and pause

Not a one evenly spaced

Your bittersweet taste on the rim

Dried drops trying to escape

Slowly losing your warmth

Waiting to be embraced

By working hands

Holding hands

Busied hands flying across keys

Holding up newspapers and tablets

Working on homework and assignments

Ever dutiful you will wait

To be touched

To be loved once more

As your contents are sipped

By lips longing for your tastes

Thank you for holding on for you

To drink your coffee



The perfect temperature