The drops of rain fell

From the Heavens down to Earth

Departed from the divine

To the mortal realm

Immortal in the sky

Above the decay and mortality

Above all the pain and death

To be free in the sky forever

But the rain must fall

Spread throughout every inch

To bring life to everything that breathes

Their ascent is not their death

It is their rebirth within everything that lives

Their Heaven is both above and below

Among the living that love and live




The skyline cried
As the stars danced
As the clouds blew
As the night sky bled

The ocean swooned
As the sand caressed
As the shells scattered
As the breeze departed

The moon dipped down
As the shadows overcame
As the evening love vanished
As the starlight gave way to lamplight

The breeze of yesterday died
As the waves crashed alone
As bed covers were drawn back
As the stars died out

The lover closed her eyes
As a single tear fell
As the young man walked home
The sun rose on them the last time



There was something in the way she moved
The way she smiled
The way she laughed and cried
And said everything was perfect
The tears in her eyes were happy ones
They masked the tears of pain and fear
No one could tell the difference
They both seemed the same to them all
Except to him
He could see between the lines of her smile
Lining her face as her lips moved in thanks
He smiled to himself and caressed her hand
She knew he knew
Without even a glance
They both knew

Turned the Page Over


Leaflets fell from the sky, dancing and twirling in the daytime breeze.

She watched as one drifting from above her head to settle at her feet.

It landed writing side down, its message obscured.

To think, this one page had fallen from such a height.

Unscathed passed open windows, shallow puddles, and passing cars.

To survive all that, just to land with the wrong side up.

She nudged the single page with her foot.

To have come so far…

She knelt down and turned the page over.



In the blink of an eye

They can be gone forever

We can see it coming

In all that time

And never be able to stop it

It is what you do

It is what you make of the time you have

The clock is running down

The sun setting on ever day

Time moves on

No matter who you are

Leave the memories good

And the people you love happy

Leave something that can be smiled upon

Leave time in your tracks

Leave on your own terms

Leave in your own damn time



Knocking back and forth

A whirlwind rocking through the hallway

Air pushed upwards, always upwards

Twisting in the stairwells

Building up speed and noise

A gust on a mission

To blow through the halls

And knock all the doors

To make itself heard

Because it can never be seen

Invisible in the awakened hours

An unseen force of mystery

Only being heard when necessary

Never showing itself

Even when it wants to be



Light crawls beneath the doorframe

Flowing through the curtains

Cascading across the floor

It comes closer

Wanting to touch everything

A gentle caress against naked skin

A warming unmatched by anything else

Rays of sunlight moving closer

Travelling to every corner

Shining its truth on everything

Hiding nothing

Everything coming to light