Monday Morning, Smile!


I think everyone could use a little pick-me-up every Monday morning!


Monday Morning


It’s Monday morning.

Whether it’s Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, I always say ‘Morning’ when I say hello to someone in the morning.

I never say ‘Good morning,’ and there is a reason behind that…

It’s only morning! How do I know it has been or will be a good morning? It could be an awful morning so far and, assuming that it’s been a good morning for you, could make you feel worse. If this is what happens on a good morning, what does a bad morning look like?!

I don’t want to jinx the day either!

Things could be going well, but after stating that the morning is good, could turn around and be a bad morning.

So, I say unto you.




Another morning, another stretch, another pain, another pill

Another breakfast, another coffee, another strain, another pill

Another day, another dress up, another shift, another pill

Another lunch, another drink, another spasm, another pill

Another trip of the ladder, another lean over a trolley, another heavy box, another pill

Another angry customer, another peeved associate, another headache, another pill

Another locked door, another cashier till lift, another page of paperwork, another pill

Another locked door, another drive home, another elevator lift, another pill

Another empty apartment, another dinner alone, another late night, another pill

Another lay in bed, another toss and turn, another sleepless night, another pill

It’s past midnight, I don’t know what time

There are plenty of pills for that

But I don’t want them anymore.