In the blink of an eye

They can be gone forever

We can see it coming

In all that time

And never be able to stop it

It is what you do

It is what you make of the time you have

The clock is running down

The sun setting on ever day

Time moves on

No matter who you are

Leave the memories good

And the people you love happy

Leave something that can be smiled upon

Leave time in your tracks

Leave on your own terms

Leave in your own damn time


[Picture Memorium][Bananaz]



October 5th, 2013, my bunny Bananaz was chilling with me in Guelph, Ontario. He was always such a cuddle bunny from the day I brought him home from the Human Society via PetSmart.

He is now living with me, and his girlfriend Rhubarb the rabbit, in Etobicoke, Ont.

And still the best cuddler around!