Here is to 1 Month


Today is my 1 month mark at PetsMart!

Still so excited to be working there and meeting other animal lovers who truly care about their pets.

With only one real hiccup that happened yesterday, I believe I’ve been doing a decent job and can easily see myself working there while going through my CPA courses, which will start mid-September.

Classic Reads: Update!


Nicholas is giving me a difficult time.

I am making decent progress on reading this large novel, and I am enjoying it very much, but between work and trying to write, it’s been slow goings.

I’m about two thirds through the books and I have to say, I’m very glad I watched the movie a few times before reading the novel. The novel is very easy to follow, unlike a lot of serialized novels, but to be able to put actual faces to some of these names, makes this very easy to follow.

I have about 300 ish pages to go and I’m going to try and have this baby done in the next couple of days. Wish me luck!



The skyline cried
As the stars danced
As the clouds blew
As the night sky bled

The ocean swooned
As the sand caressed
As the shells scattered
As the breeze departed

The moon dipped down
As the shadows overcame
As the evening love vanished
As the starlight gave way to lamplight

The breeze of yesterday died
As the waves crashed alone
As bed covers were drawn back
As the stars died out

The lover closed her eyes
As a single tear fell
As the young man walked home
The sun rose on them the last time

Article: “9 things mentally strong people do every day.”


I came across this article on BusinessInsider and the title caught my attention. Considering the changes going on in my life, I thought, “why not read some tips from someone who obviously has their shit together, enough so they have been interviewed and asked what are mentally healthy things to do each day?”

So here are my thoughts on the article at a glance.

1.They monitor their emotions – “People often assume mentally strong people suppress their emotions, Morin says, but they are actually “acutely aware” of them… They know sometimes reaching their greatest potential requires them to behave contrary to how they feel.”

I think for most people, seeing a change in their emotions isn’t the difficult part. Knowing which emotion they have reached and knowing how to deal with that change of emotion, is the challenge. Personally, it’s only after the change of emotion and the end of the situation that I can look back and think over what had happened. I guess it takes practice and a lot of self reflection to be able to do that in the moment.

4. They practice self-compassion – “Rather than beating themselves up for mistakes, mentally strong people practice self-compassion and speak to themselves as they would speak to a good friend, Morin says.”

“They respond to their inner critic as if they were standing up to the schoolyard bully,” she says. “They forgive themselves for mistakes and cheer themselves on as they work toward their goals.”

I feel like this would take some practice. In the moment it’s simple to stand up to yourself and say ‘no, no, no.’ It would be the time afterwards, when you’re reflecting back on your decision, that self-doubt can negate anything positive you felt at the time. I feel this is definitely more a practice of letting things go than accepting how things are.

7. This strive to fulfill their purpose – “Successfully fulfilling your purpose in life takes time. Mentally strong people understand this and focus on the big picture, keeping in mind that today’s choices impact their future.”

Identifying what your purpose in life the bigger question here. How does one do that? Of course, we can have inklings and passions that drive us to do things we love, whether it makes us money or not (which is why it is a passion!) and we find ways to indulge in that passion. But is a passion and purpose the same thing? I think in the article they needed to elaborate a bit more on how you can discover what your purpose is. I do think, to some degree, it means knowing the goals you want to reach throughout your life time; knowing a head of time, years, decades a head of time, and knowing when you want to achieve them.

This article, though a little bare for information, is a good starting point to seeing where those who need direction can begin their search for becoming mentally strong. Hopefully, they find it necessary to write a more in-depth article with more information.

For the full article, click here



There was something in the way she moved
The way she smiled
The way she laughed and cried
And said everything was perfect
The tears in her eyes were happy ones
They masked the tears of pain and fear
No one could tell the difference
They both seemed the same to them all
Except to him
He could see between the lines of her smile
Lining her face as her lips moved in thanks
He smiled to himself and caressed her hand
She knew he knew
Without even a glance
They both knew

New Opportunities


I have begun working as a cashier at PetSmart!

I have been there a few weeks now and I love it so much. I can’t remember the last time I came home from work happy because I enjoyed being at work. Seeing people bring their pets into the store and care so much about them, is inspiring and wonderful to see. These people have taken a creature and made it part of the family, as my family has done for years with all the pets we have had. Going into work makes me think about my baby girl Willow, all the time, but at the same time, it makes me happy to help others make sure they have as much time as possible with their pets.

I definitely needed a change of pace when it came to the places I was working, and I have always wanted to work at a PetSmart but never pushed for it in the past because I was pretty comfortable working at Dollarama. Well, the ease of Dollarama disappeared because of someone I worked with so I quit and moved on to the women’s clothing store, Ricki’s/Cleo’s. I found this job so stressful. I honestly don’t know how people make a career helping multiple people shop at the same time.

PetSmart is going to be a great change for me, and I am excited to be working there during the time I’m doing my accounting courses. As much as I can’t wait to be a certified accountant, I know I am going to enjoy every minute I spend at PetSmart.