Another morning, another stretch, another pain, another pill

Another breakfast, another coffee, another strain, another pill

Another day, another dress up, another shift, another pill

Another lunch, another drink, another spasm, another pill

Another trip of the ladder, another lean over a trolley, another heavy box, another pill

Another angry customer, another peeved associate, another headache, another pill

Another locked door, another cashier till lift, another page of paperwork, another pill

Another locked door, another drive home, another elevator lift, another pill

Another empty apartment, another dinner alone, another late night, another pill

Another lay in bed, another toss and turn, another sleepless night, another pill

It’s past midnight, I don’t know what time

There are plenty of pills for that

But I don’t want them anymore.


[Poem][Night Coffee]


Some nights flow through me like cups of coffee

They wash over my soul and vitalize me

My mind and body are rested and weary

Always ready for the next night and cup

To bring to me more thoughts and feelings

About my world and about myself

One brewed cup can make the night so vibrant

The darkness of night made realized

In the bottom of an empty cup

An empty cup to give pause and look up

At the darkened night to brightening with life

Night is the true friend of the coffee cup

The morning cup is only a reminder

Of the evening to come

[Poem][Warm Cup]


I think it’s time that I finally see

Beyond what is here and what can be

To see more often what there is to find

To show more people what’s right in front

Of all there is to realize the awe

The most wonderful things that we can see

To experience each other and our selves wholly

To think more of them and of us

It will only begin when we begin too

Let’s open our door and sit for coffee

A warm cup on any day is comforting

No matter when or who it is with