[The Assassin, Rollick][Part 7]


Jumping from roof to roof

Shadows climbing every wall

Was there men following?

Did the dead man speak?

Blood flowed heavily, easily

Thirsts quenched

The blade was satisfied

And so were the throats of men

They too must have left the light

And came across the darkness

The darkness of what mankind does

They found Death

On their doorstep

Where they thought they were safe

They are blind

To the truth of the world

They think what they do is just

They think that makes them safe

They think wrong

Soon enough

Their own blood would flow

Blood on their doorstep

This was their reminder


[The Assassin, Rollick][Part 6]


The Assassin, Rollick – Part 6

The light that ebbed from the window

Of normal life, of normal man

Shone at the assassin’s feet

It was a life unfamiliar to him now

He had memories of laughing

And loving a woman

But they were only that

Memories that felt foreign to him

There was no past in his mind

Just as there was no return

From the life he lived now

Has was now an assassin

Otherwise, he was just a murderer

Coin did pass hands

But not all contracts were taken

To destroy evil proved an easy task

But the innocent were not to be touched

In this darkening world

Some good needed to thrive

[The Assassin][Part 3]


The Assassin, Rollick. Part 3

Silent feet moved quickly

Over the wet cobble stone street

Away from any lights

Away from prying eyes

Deep in the darkened street corners

Rain drops cried off his blade

Blood still eluded its sharp edge

To drag across flesh and bone

To silence even the notion of a scream

Never to be heard by anyone

Only lone eyes to see their end

The mighty blade modest in its actions

Its skill unmatched

Unfailing in its tasks of death

It found its equal

In the assassin’s firm grip

To quench its thirst

In the hands of the Assassin, Rollick