Here is to 1 Month


Today is my 1 month mark at PetsMart!

Still so excited to be working there and meeting other animal lovers who truly care about their pets.

With only one real hiccup that happened yesterday, I believe I’ve been doing a decent job and can easily see myself working there while going through my CPA courses, which will start mid-September.


[Picture][Nappy Tiger]


Daylight savings occurred this past Sunday at 2am.

I hope everyone enjoyed their extra hour of sleep and put it to good use!

For now though, good night all and savoir the night come early.

[My First Love][Tiger: Spy in the Jungle]


I love the BBC for documentaries like this one.

Tigers are so close to my heart. I can’t recall loving any animals as much as I do tigers, save for my dear departed Australian Shepherd Willow.

These amazing big cats are critically endangered, with two subspecies having already gone extinct.

I know, I know, a lot of people hate on zoos and wildlife parks for their treatment of big cats, but I do support those that are registered through CAZA (Canadian Aquarium and Zoo Association). Zoos and parks that have earned the approval of CAZA are part of conservation efforts, breeding programs, rehabilitation, and spreading knowledge about all animals, endangered or otherwise. I strongly encourage you to visit yourself or take your family and/or friends to zoos and wildlife parks that are making a positive impact and avoid those that aren’t.

These amazing tigers, and all animals, deserve our help and our love.



This one is for my beautiful furbaby Willow, my nearly 14 year-old Australian Shepherd. I believe all the health scares, incidents, and wonderful times I’ve had with her and those to come, hopefully, for many more years ahead, have definitely given me invaluable experience to raising any future children I may have!


The little sly look, that you give when you’re doing something you’re not supposed to.

That slender white stripe that runs down your forehead and nose, that explodes down your neck.

That wild mane of white mess, that sheds into every corner of every room, on every black pant leg.

Those little white paws you rest your weary head on and clean more diligently, daily.

Your short fuzzy muzzle, that hides so many sharp teeth, that you love to bare at me so.

You may be racking up your dog years, and may forget how much I love you.

You may choose not to listen when I call your name, or even remember playing tug-of-war with your blankets.

Years ago you would ignore my looks and force your furry body into my lap.

Years ago you would sleep on the couch, when you knew you weren’t supposed to.

Years ago, six months ago, two weeks, last week, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and every day until the end.

I’ll love you always my baby Willow, tailless Aussie butt and all!

[Poem][Butterfly Wings]


Butterfly Wings

I jump, I dance, I float from perch to perch

I zigzag, I swirl, I barely land

I jump, I dance, I string silence behind my wings

I zigzag, I swirl, my colours astound you

My wings are large, are light, are bright

My feet are small, they’re silent, they’re soft

My wings are large, are light, they hide me from sight

My feet are small, they’re silent, they balance my wings aloft

You watch me, chase me, you show me off

You see my colours, my disguise, my mask

You watch me, chase me, my wings are on display

You see my colours, my disguise, you keep me from my task

I hover and watch you back

I see no symmetry like my wings

I see no bright colours like my wings

I see interest and hope, a mystery

Just like my wings