I find that I am still in a writing slump
I don’t feel the fire when I sit down to write right now
Other things seem to still be occupying my mind and time
Work has never been more enjoyable and I love it
Reading has opened my eyes to new ideas I want to try
But the words don’t seem to want to flow like they used to
Which is fine, because I don’t feel as bad as I would have before
I’m enjoying other things again
Taking walks, reading thousand page books, looking forward to work
I can’t remember the last time I didn’t worry about my writing
Pen and paper are always around me
My laptop nearly always within reach
The opportinity is always present to write
So I won’t worry right now about how many words I write
The writing will come again, as it always does
But this time, I am not worried at all


One thought on “Non-Slump

  1. Annie Heart

    Your words have already inspired me. I think all writers need time to relax and incubate ideas. I’ll still be reading.

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