Here is to 1 Month


Today is my 1 month mark at PetsMart!

Still so excited to be working there and meeting other animal lovers who truly care about their pets.

With only one real hiccup that happened yesterday, I believe I’ve been doing a decent job and can easily see myself working there while going through my CPA courses, which will start mid-September.

Classic Reads: Update!


Nicholas is giving me a difficult time.

I am making decent progress on reading this large novel, and I am enjoying it very much, but between work and trying to write, it’s been slow goings.

I’m about two thirds through the books and I have to say, I’m very glad I watched the movie a few times before reading the novel. The novel is very easy to follow, unlike a lot of serialized novels, but to be able to put actual faces to some of these names, makes this very easy to follow.

I have about 300 ish pages to go and I’m going to try and have this baby done in the next couple of days. Wish me luck!

Monday Morning


It’s Monday morning.

Whether it’s Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, I always say ‘Morning’ when I say hello to someone in the morning.

I never say ‘Good morning,’ and there is a reason behind that…

It’s only morning! How do I know it has been or will be a good morning? It could be an awful morning so far and, assuming that it’s been a good morning for you, could make you feel worse. If this is what happens on a good morning, what does a bad morning look like?!

I don’t want to jinx the day either!

Things could be going well, but after stating that the morning is good, could turn around and be a bad morning.

So, I say unto you.




I find that I am still in a writing slump
I don’t feel the fire when I sit down to write right now
Other things seem to still be occupying my mind and time
Work has never been more enjoyable and I love it
Reading has opened my eyes to new ideas I want to try
But the words don’t seem to want to flow like they used to
Which is fine, because I don’t feel as bad as I would have before
I’m enjoying other things again
Taking walks, reading thousand page books, looking forward to work
I can’t remember the last time I didn’t worry about my writing
Pen and paper are always around me
My laptop nearly always within reach
The opportinity is always present to write
So I won’t worry right now about how many words I write
The writing will come again, as it always does
But this time, I am not worried at all