[My Work in Progress]


I feel like my writing is entering another lull phase. I don’t feel any real pressure to work seriously on the one project I would really like to see published. Before the writing program I took last year, it had been left unedited for probably a good two years. I focused on getting better from the bels palsy and beginning my blog.

The funny thing though, is I loved working on the stories I want to publish. They were very short, skeletons compared to the flesh and blood characters I have turned them into. It felt amazing to see how much my thought process and writing skills have developed since I first wrote those stories in high school. I want to keep feeling that excitement, but I am reluctant.

I will always have my poetry to fall back on and the musing I post because of my blog. Now that I have it up and running, and have a following (even if it’s just shy of 200 people, some I am sure have gone inactive, but I digress…) I feel encouraged to keep posting. My blog does give me more confidence, just a little, but maybe eventually, it will be enough to write and pump out novels like the best of them.


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