[What Does You Dream House Look Like?]


I am almost positive of the two most popular answers to this question are a) a huge mansion complete with *insert extravagant, nonessential additions here,* and b) a comfortable home in the country where I’ll never be bothered by annoying people. Wanting everything you can imagine and could ever wish for, and a comfortable living is completely understandable, because, who wants to want for anything and live where they have stress?

Do we have to be so transparent though when we put it into words? Why compartmentalize everything into neat boxes with encompassing labels that all mean ‘Luxury?’ Give it life, make it mean something to not just you but to people who ask. What is the point of having a goal or a dream without vision? If you want a large property, why? What would you use it for? Adopting dogs that no one else does, giving them a home to live happy for the rest of their lives. I need a large home, with big rooms, why? For all the bookcases I’ll need when I indulge my completely understandable obsession with having physical books. I’d like a nice pool, preferably with a retractable dome that fits overtop, so that in the winter I can swim outside and enjoy the weather.

It’s easy to say you want things, giving them context shows their importance. The dream house of anyone would be a home. Four walls, a roof, and someone they love there too perhaps. As long as we have those things, all the extras we think we would love to have, are just that, extras.


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