[Unusual Phobia][Part 1]


There are fears that some people cannot understand. Some people think they are ridiculous to have. Some people understand because of a fear they too have. We all have something we’re afraid of, whether it is something that is a direct threat to our person, or some slight of life we think could harm us immensely. Trying to overcome that fear, is easier said than done.

“Welcome everyone. I see a couple of new faces and a few returning faces from last week. For all of you who are here for the first time, this is a safe and non-judgmental place. I know sharing your phobia can be very difficult, but know that everyone here also has something they too are afraid of. No fear is silly, or ridiculous. Everyone has some fear or another.”

Steven looked around the room at the men and women sitting in the circle of chairs before him. There were only 5 of them, but at least it was more than last week. He knew it wasn’t easy for them to share their fears, mainly because they were silly and ridiculous. I guess they thought what they were afraid of was completely stupid and didn’t want to waste the money on real therapy. Why pay for the real thing when someone is offering, what they assume is the same help, for a fraction of the price? “Who would like to begin? Someone from last week about an accomplishment over their fear or someone new who would like to share what they are afraid of?”

The room was silent as each person displayed anxious body language: wringing their hands together, tapping their feet, avoiding eye contact at all costs. Friggin’ seriously? “Marcus, last week you spoke of an event that was coming up this past week that you were worried about because of your phobia. How did it go?”

Marcus shifted in his plastic chair, clearing his throat and adjusting his coat. He gave skidish looks to the people sitting around him. “Well…It didn’t exactly go how I would’ve liked it to…”


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