[Poem][The End]


Why sit and wait for the end to come?

Why not welcome it with open arms?

After a life lived so many years,

Why not go with some peace?

Is it so bad to close your eyes,

One last time around family?

Is that so bad?

To speak no more,

To watch no more,

To spend no more time a life,

That has been going for so long.

Can’t we close our eyes,

And breath no more?

To hold the hands of grandchildren,

Grown and on their own,

Is it not enough?

Is there more than that to wait for?

When does living stop being about others,

And become about yourself?

When does it become about others again?

Does it?

Does it matter what that family thinks?

Can they understand why it needs to end?

I think they do.

I think all my babies know.


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