[What I’m Reading Now…][‘Memories of Ice’]


What I’m Reading… ‘Memories of Ice’

The third novel in the epic fantasy series ‘The Malazan Book of the Fallen,’ we come back to the characters in ‘Gardens of the Moon,’ after nearly the 1,000 pages of the second novel, ‘Deadhouse Gates.’Memories’ takes place parallel to ‘Deadhouse Gates,’ so I cannot wait to keep reading.

I didn’t think there were any epic novel series anymore that could catch my attention so thoroughly. You see, I have two terrible habits when it comes to reading longer novels, and especially novel series that span more than 3 books. First, if I feel myself becoming bored with the novel, I skip to the last page and read it. Doesn’t seem that bad of a habit, but in a singular novel, it can pretty much give away the rest of the book.

The second, I become so impatient while reading a longer novel or series, that I end up searching the internet for synopsis of each book, so I don’t have to take the time to read it all. This one, I find, is far more damaging to the reading experience because it cuts out the need to read at all. Knowing that I do this, I usually stay away from ‘epic series’ because they aren’t interesting enough.

Steven Erikson has done a phenomenally wonderful job of giving just enough new information through new characters, character development, twists in the plot, and what seems like fated meeting between characters that you would never think would meet. You actually care about the characters, which for me, is refreshing. For example, I’m excited to continue onto the third installment of the series because it’s a direct continuation of the first novel, that’s taking place during the second novel.

‘Memories of Ice’ is 1,180 pages long. I will keep you posted on my progress now and then. Or, you can friend me on GoodReads.com under the name Marie Rozalia


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