[Poem][Words from Lips]


A never ending string of words

That flows from one mouth to one ear

Syllables that dance from tongue to lips

That makes us laugh

That makes us cry

That makes us feel alive

They remind us that we are human

That we share something not everything does

Words connect us to each other

And still drives us apart

Years pass and people grow old

But the words we use are all the same

They may change pronunciation

They may develop more meaning

But when words come from our lips

Mountains may be moved



My hands are tied I quiet embrace

Struggling to continue in restraint

Striving past the uphill trudge

To keep the inadequacy fears at bay

The feeling of being more ever growing

The desire to be me ever fading

To walk forward with blinders on

Hands tied behind my back

Somewhere in needing to be more

I left myself somewhere behind

I hope that past self was freedom

For what I walk blindly towards

Is a darker embrace fueled by need

Instead of fueled by me



All these pages we read

These novels we devour with our eyes

With our hearts and minds

We open ourselves to words written by others

Word by word they create worlds for us

We inhale deeply

Wanting more, something new

We run with their imagination

We change it with our own

We begin our own worlds with pen and paper

Our own pages begin to pile

Higher and higher our world grows

For others devouring pages and worlds

It’s our works

They begin to devour

[My Work in Progress]


I feel like my writing is entering another lull phase. I don’t feel any real pressure to work seriously on the one project I would really like to see published. Before the writing program I took last year, it had been left unedited for probably a good two years. I focused on getting better from the bels palsy and beginning my blog.

The funny thing though, is I loved working on the stories I want to publish. They were very short, skeletons compared to the flesh and blood characters I have turned them into. It felt amazing to see how much my thought process and writing skills have developed since I first wrote those stories in high school. I want to keep feeling that excitement, but I am reluctant.

I will always have my poetry to fall back on and the musing I post because of my blog. Now that I have it up and running, and have a following (even if it’s just shy of 200 people, some I am sure have gone inactive, but I digress…) I feel encouraged to keep posting. My blog does give me more confidence, just a little, but maybe eventually, it will be enough to write and pump out novels like the best of them.

[What Does You Dream House Look Like?]


I am almost positive of the two most popular answers to this question are a) a huge mansion complete with *insert extravagant, nonessential additions here,* and b) a comfortable home in the country where I’ll never be bothered by annoying people. Wanting everything you can imagine and could ever wish for, and a comfortable living is completely understandable, because, who wants to want for anything and live where they have stress?

Do we have to be so transparent though when we put it into words? Why compartmentalize everything into neat boxes with encompassing labels that all mean ‘Luxury?’ Give it life, make it mean something to not just you but to people who ask. What is the point of having a goal or a dream without vision? If you want a large property, why? What would you use it for? Adopting dogs that no one else does, giving them a home to live happy for the rest of their lives. I need a large home, with big rooms, why? For all the bookcases I’ll need when I indulge my completely understandable obsession with having physical books. I’d like a nice pool, preferably with a retractable dome that fits overtop, so that in the winter I can swim outside and enjoy the weather.

It’s easy to say you want things, giving them context shows their importance. The dream house of anyone would be a home. Four walls, a roof, and someone they love there too perhaps. As long as we have those things, all the extras we think we would love to have, are just that, extras.



Quote – “Spotlight”

“Being sick, being ill, being in pain; they have a certain spotlight on themselves. They put a spotlight on the person or people you know, especially when it comes to friends, family, and coworkers. You have empathy for them; you feel bad that they are going through what they are. You go out of your way to make sure they’re alright and check on them the following days.

But then something strange happens. When something happens with you, no one seems to notice, or worse, seems to care. Even that person you did your due diligence to care after seems preoccupied with trivial things. Are you suddenly not important, or were you never? Would it then just be better to lie and say everything is fine when you’re really not? Should you stop worrying over someone who becomes ill around you or has a reoccurrence of something they’ve always had?

I want to say ‘yes, put the spotlight back on them. What I don’t know though, is if it’s because it’s the nice thing to do or because when you fall more ill, they’ll feel terrible for not paying you more attention.”

I love my sister, I really do… but sometimes I wished she would take better care of herself. Well, I wish that all the time, but not always for her own benefit. When I’m in a lot of pain, like I am right now, there always seems to be something wrong with her. Can I not, for once, be the one who can be taken care of?

Thank goodness I have a boyfriend (Simon) who actually give a damn. Otherwise, I would be going through this on my own… yet again.