[If you had one wish…]


If you had one wish…

If you could wish for anything in the world, what would it be? Children contemplate this question all the time, mainly because of the Disney movie Aladdin I’m sure, but it’s usually the same answers. ‘I’d wish for more wishes!’ ‘I’d wish for a 100 snow days!’ ‘I’d wish for no school!’ ‘I’d wish for so much money so I can have a zoo in my house!’ The list goes on, but they are at heart, juvenile. When we become older, our desires become a little different, but still revolve around our own comfort. ‘I wish I could retire at 25.” “I wish I had my dream career/house/life.” It comes down to things of luck or things of having more money we can spend. There isn’t anything wrong with that, most of us have some pretty big desires.

My first wish would be for my parents to have everything they wished they’d have in life. Parents sacrifice so much for us when we’re growing up and even when we are making our own, and usually, they don’t ask for anything in return. Well, they do now that I’m finished some schooling and have moved away from the family home, they expect results. I completely agree with this demand. But aside from their children reaching their aspirations, I want them to have what will make them happy, whatever that may be. Money, good health, trip around the world, the house of their dreams; whatever is going to make them happy, I’d wish.

Seems like a selfless wish, right? Well, in essence it is, I do truly wish them whatever will make them happy, but at the same time it would positively affect me. What better wish is there then wishing a loved one well? If they love you, that well-wishing would affect everyone they care about and want good for.

An all-encompassing wish, now how is that for you? Do you think yourself capable of making the same wish on someone? Do you know someone well enough that their happiness would affect you as well? Or is it safer just to wish on yourself?


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