[The Project][Part 10]


Mave chanced a glance at him now. He was scrolling and texting on his phone, completely oblivious that another person was in the room with him. He was calm and collected. He exhibited no signs of discomfort at being on this of most sacred of floors, about to come face to face with the man behind their city’s most innovative technology, and the men and woman that followed him. The man that sat intently across from her was infinitely different than the clown that annoyed her on a regular basis. She would even go as far as saying he was a different man entirely, if his face wasn’t exactly the same.

Maybe it’s someone else. I never wanted to know anything about him. There was never a reason to ask anything. For all I knew, he had a sibling who made a career in the same company as him. Granted, it is a very large company, with many office floors and surrounding warehouses; his entire family could word at Hosp without me ever running into any of them. This man’s demeanor was serious… Perhaps it was someone else…

The typing stopped.

“Kayden, they’re ready for your briefing now.” The woman’s voice broke the remaining silence in the room. The softness of her voice surprised Mave as she motioned for Kayden to go through the large office doors.

He smiled at Mave when he rose, and winked before walking off. He was so infuriating. Of course the man could have only been Kayden. Only he could stir such annoyance in her with so little contact. He disappeared beyond the doors and the woman resumed her typing. Mae was left on her own as the ticking from the clock and the receptionist’s fingers became audible again.

What could they need Kayden for? What was his function in the corporation? Her mind was a whirlwind trying to piece together what she had learned over the last few hours to make logical conclusions but… Rubbing her temples, she breathed deep and looked at the pile of papers in her lap. Names, numbers, and data that had taken weeks to compile and condense into a working profile for elimination purposes; it was all necessary for the Project. Yes, things where taking a little longer than I would like, but they only gave me two barely adequate analysts to process the mountain of data they began with. Anything they say about my progress can easily be countered due to the lack of resources given to me. They will just need to sit tight and be patient.

Mave sighed. Right, as though the CEO of Hosp is going to listen to a midlevel employee that could be replaced on a whim. No doubt there is a dozen other midlevel associate that would tell the board exactly what they wanted to hear, and then work night and day to keep their job. Their end would be the same as mine though. They just do not know yet, none of them understand that. I am the only one who can accomplish this project successfully. They need to see that, they need to see that I am dedicated a hundred percent to revolutionize the face of security that this come makes. They could not possibly replace me now. The time it would take to catch them up to my degree of knowledge would take weeks, months even. To begin generating their own ideas would waste even more precious time. They should give me more workers. Give me more minds and new means of making this company’s products-

“Mave, they are ready for you now.” The woman at the keyboard waved her towards the doors Kayden had walked through minutes before. The sound of her fingers on the keys began again, the woman no longer paying attention to Mave.

Mave rose from her seat and took a few steps towards the boardroom doors. She paused before laying a hand on the door. Kayden never came back out; that I would have noticed, I’m sure. There must be another exit for him to have left by. Why would they want him present for my meeting? He has learned nothing that would jeopardize the integrity of the project, or any associate involved, or any of the potential citizens we are looking in to. Who is Kayden to this company?

Mave’s ears picked up the silence of the waiting room. The clicking of the keyboard had stopped again. She looked to the woman on the other side of the desk. She stared at Mave intently. “Will you be going in or shall I buzz the boardroom and say you are unable to attend?”

“No, I’m going. Thank you.” Mave placed her hand of the door and pushed, walking into the room beyond.


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