[Just finished reading…][‘Crafting Novels & Short Stories’]


I am always trying to find new books on writing and finding opinions and strategies that may benefit my own writing. This particular collection, I am so thankful I discovered.

Crafting Novels & Short Stories is a guide of articles and submissions by editors of Writer’s Digest, edited together by James Scott Bell. It covers literally everything an aspiring writer needs to know and veteran authors are due to remember. Editing, revising, prompts, character development, choosing narration, villain critiquing, hero and heroine structure, and, above all, encouragement by all these published authors.

Since reading On Writing by Stephen King, I have told countless people, whether they want to write or not, to read it. This is by far the next book I would highly recommend for anyone who writes, looking to publish or not. Nothing is better for a writer than encouragement.


[Poem][Night Coffee]


Some nights flow through me like cups of coffee

They wash over my soul and vitalize me

My mind and body are rested and weary

Always ready for the next night and cup

To bring to me more thoughts and feelings

About my world and about myself

One brewed cup can make the night so vibrant

The darkness of night made realized

In the bottom of an empty cup

An empty cup to give pause and look up

At the darkened night to brightening with life

Night is the true friend of the coffee cup

The morning cup is only a reminder

Of the evening to come

[The Assassin, Rollick][Part 7]


Jumping from roof to roof

Shadows climbing every wall

Was there men following?

Did the dead man speak?

Blood flowed heavily, easily

Thirsts quenched

The blade was satisfied

And so were the throats of men

They too must have left the light

And came across the darkness

The darkness of what mankind does

They found Death

On their doorstep

Where they thought they were safe

They are blind

To the truth of the world

They think what they do is just

They think that makes them safe

They think wrong

Soon enough

Their own blood would flow

Blood on their doorstep

This was their reminder

[Why I’m Thankful I Write]


I think constantly, ‘what would I be doing if I didn’t write?’

Honestly, I have been writing in my free time for so many years, I don’t think I have an easy answer to that question. When my mind wonders, I look for something to write with. Numerous times a day I think of ideas that would make for good stories or characters, situations that I think others would like to read. Actually getting them down sometimes, is a lot harder than it seems though.

I think that’s why I like to write. It’s a means of getting out everything that swirling around in my head. Blogging them and sharing them with other writers helps me to understand myself, and input from others seems to help. I say ‘seems to’ because I don’t always get responses, only likes (which is still great) but sometimes, I would like some feedback. I know, I know, the internet is not a therapist and neither is WordPress. You cannot demand that your followers reply to your questions. It’s not fair of anyone to do so.

However, writing does connect us to each other. As much as some people say they don’t write or that they don’t know what to say, or how to say it, they still use words to convey their struggles. Not being able to use the words we know to say how we feel, can hurt us within. If we’re not able to rely on our words, what do we rely on? I, try to use my words to the best of my abilities. Because of being sick in the past, I cannot always speak the way I wish I could. I sometimes slur, I sometimes forget words I used to use all the time. I do not always trust my voice, I do not always trust my hearing.

I have to put my trust in something I have always known: words. Writing, reading, letting my emotions out on paper gives me a reason to look toward the future. I may work in retail my whole like, I may never finish a novel and have it published, but I can always rely on the words I chose to use to go forward. My writing will always be for me. If it becomes for some else in addition to me, all the better. Perhaps my words can help others find their own.

[Quote – “Nothing more than…”]


             “You want nothing more than to make them proud of you. You want nothing more than to make them smile when you bring them news. You want nothing more than to bring them peace. To not worry, to be happy, to bring ease to their minds. You want nothing more than to make your parents love you.”

[Poem][Butcher These Words]


Remedial words types on the page

Remedial text that say the same things

Everything I read I have read before

From someone else these words have come from

I read no new things from you anymore

My annoyance is building with every word

Are you doing this on purpose

With your repetitive manipulation

Of words that others create magic with?

Your work is an assault

A butchering of these words

Do you really think they won’t see?

Your readers won’t see right through

Your remedial words

Butchered beyond belief

If you think they won’t catch on

You are dead wrong

[Winter Power Outage: What Do You Do All Day?]


It has become the new age question: so many things to do, where do I begin? Video games, forums, browser games, PC games, Gameboy DS/3DS, PSP, cell phone apps, online newspapers, online magazines, your Kobo/Kindle/tablet; the list goes on. But, they all require a source of electricity. So what happens when the batteries run out?

We turn to the archaic: paper books, pen and paper, we physically leave the home to talk to friends and family, we play board games, we spend time with each other. These are things many of us did when we were growing up. I’m a 90s child, so growing up more electronics were being developed and becoming cheaper. It was easier to get our hands on them, and for some people, became babysitters for parents. My parents though, never replied on them because, growing up themselves, they didn’t have any of these devices.

Personally, I have an entire bookshelf that can be read through, and enough paper and pens to paper Mache myself a house. I would be perfectly alright. I don’t live on my computer; I don’t solely rely on things that need to be plugged in in order to entertain myself. But eventually, I do need to turn my laptop back on, I do need to spend a few hours catching up with people I can’t see in person, and check in with blogs I follow and my own blog.

It is just the world we live in now where to move forward in our lives, we need to be connected. But, now and then though, it’s nice to power down and go back to basics.