[End of the Month Recap][January 2015 and Looking Forward to February!]


End of the Month Recap

So, back in December for my Writing Resolution, I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish on a monthly basis. In this post, I want to keep myself accountable for what I wrote and, actually, things I added in order to make even more progress towards a published work. As it stands for January 2015, I did a decent job so far, but obviously need to work on my efforts towards completing The Project. I have some good momentum, but as we all know with resolutions, especially diet related ones, January is easy, it’s the long haul months later that really matter.

  1. Post at least 20 times (20/20 Completed – Actually posted 29 posts; 3 Reblogs)
  2. Post Rollick 2 times (2/2 Completed – Actually posted 3 times)
  3. Write 15 Poems (15/15 completed)
  4. Write 10 Pages of The Project (0/10 completed)
  5. Post The Project 2 times (2/2 completed)
  6. Finish Rollick by December 2015 (On going, but making progress…)
  7. Edit/Revise 2 Short Stories

January: The Stone Maiden (Not Done), The Thinking Man (Not Done)

February: The Stone Maiden, The Thinking Man, The Time Thief

  1. Edit 10 Poems for Collection – January’s Done

January:1. Stripes

  1. A Word Means
  2. There
  3. Panic
  4. Painting Pictures
  5. Pharmaceutical
  6. Orange Spectacle
  7. A Fraud
  8. Butterfly Wings
  9. Rabbit in the Cabinet

February: 1. Like a Writing Desk

  1. Disjunct
  2. Lonely Address Book
  3. Disgruntled Glove
  4. Take Control
  5. Pretty and Poised
  6. Darkened Sunlight
  7. Anything and Everything
  8. Willow
  9. This Feeling

Numbers 6 is an ongoing short story/continuing story I am currently working on for publication. I’m still working out the kinks and, unfortunately, will not be posted on The Uncanny Sublime any time soon. Perhaps when everything is ready, I’ll post the first short story that introduces the theme and format, and you’d just have to purchase the book to find out more! Number 7 is also for a poetry collection that I would like to have completed for the end of the year. All the poems in it will be ones that have been posted on The Uncanny Sublime. What I will add to each however, is a little blurb about what it’s about, what inspired me, just a little background information for the curious reader. Currently, I have about 72 poems prepared and would like to make it to about 100 or so. While I write and post more poems to reach my end total, I want to make some progress added some info to each so when I am near 100 poems, I’ll be close to having a completed work. So it looks like overall, I’m not doing too badly. Let’s hope I can keep it up! If I can, great things will be ready for the end of the year!


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