[There are no original ideas anymore…]


There are no original ideas anymore…

Writers write about writing. Readers read what they know they’ll enjoy most. Screenwriters write what will make the most. Producers remake the hell out of classics, usually failing to capture the essence of the original. Has the human imagination… run out?

The human brain is amazing, it’s a work of art and still not completely charted. We make connections between things that have absolutely nothing in common. A lot of times, these connections can’t even been seen by all. Take Stephan King, he even says he loves taking two unlikely things and drawing them together in his novels and short stories. Every time we make a connection between things, ideas, or people, we gain a larger understanding of the world we live in. But it also makes it smaller.

Can we make the argument that the more we know the less we can learn? I don’t think so. Even if, in the absurdity that it could happen, all was discovered and anyone could know with certainty everything, there would still be more. Our minds would search for something new, something to learn and share. Humans seek to move forward, and only with incident do we rarely move backwards and individuals.

The idea that there are no original ideas anymore is ludicrous. We just haven’t thought of them yet.


8 thoughts on “[There are no original ideas anymore…]

  1. Amber Danette

    You’ve asked some very good questions. So many people these days are very formulaic in their writing. I suppose popular writing subjects and themes tend to follow a kind of theme during different time periods. I agree that we should always try to be original and authentic as individuals and not pander to trends. We learn a lot about humans and their thoughts and behaviours by their writing style and what they say ect. I suppose the same can be said about those who write what they know will be popular, they are like pack animals,they follow the rest.

    • True, genres can be very formulaic which poses a problem with trying to be different and unique, and also running the risk of not catching anyone’s interest. Trying to deviate from the general format can be worrisome, but mainly if you’re only goal is to become published. If you’re doing it for yourself and trying something new, chances are it’s going to read a whole lot better than someone sticking exactly to the same format countless other novels have been written in.

    • I wouldn’t say the whole world is ruled by art, but the faculties of art are used in many ways to manipulate people. Negative art can be used to stifle natural and unique creativeness; it’s also used to tell people ho they should look, what they should wear, etc.
      People need to be intelligent enough and accepting enough to see art as expression for people, rather than for money.

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