[Poem][End of the Path]


End of the Path

Cloudy and dingy, the future seems bleak,

No flashlight able to penetrate beyond the wall a head of us.

The light is swallowed up and consumed,

The future masked in uncertainty and confusion.

The path a head is blanketed beyond foresight,

Each fork in the road leading to unknown destinations.

No possible end in sight in any direction beyond our steps,

And no longer options of retreat, the past being equally untouchable.

Only the present can be taken and used to aid us.

The past teachings us to move forward into the cloud.

The bleak fog of the future is only as thick as we allow it to be,

So we must continue forward in to the fog and overcome.

As black and confusing and unknown the future may be,

There is eventually an end.

The fog eventually lifts.

Eventually, the light shows the end of the path.


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