My Top 5 John Cusack Flicks


Happy Birthday to Modern Philosopher!
Here is one of my favourite posts by him… Because really, who doesn’t love John Cusack? -<3

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

JohnI’ve lost track, Modern Philosophers, of how many times people have stopped me on the street to ask me what my favorite John Cusack flick is.

I had the interns keeps track for a while, but I get a new batch of them every semester, and the tallies always seem to get lost.

Since I’ve been looking for new features for the blog in 2015, I thought I’d publish my first Top 5 and make it a list of my favorite John Cusack films.  I know there are other lists of top movies starring this actor, but you can trust that this is the definitive one.

The Sure Thing1. The Sure Thing gets top billing on the list, and I know that is going to surprise many of you who haven’t even heard of this flick.  Trust me, this is Cusack at his finest.  He is so young in this movie, but…

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