[End of the Month Recap][January 2015 and Looking Forward to February!]


End of the Month Recap

So, back in December for my Writing Resolution, I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish on a monthly basis. In this post, I want to keep myself accountable for what I wrote and, actually, things I added in order to make even more progress towards a published work. As it stands for January 2015, I did a decent job so far, but obviously need to work on my efforts towards completing The Project. I have some good momentum, but as we all know with resolutions, especially diet related ones, January is easy, it’s the long haul months later that really matter.

  1. Post at least 20 times (20/20 Completed – Actually posted 29 posts; 3 Reblogs)
  2. Post Rollick 2 times (2/2 Completed – Actually posted 3 times)
  3. Write 15 Poems (15/15 completed)
  4. Write 10 Pages of The Project (0/10 completed)
  5. Post The Project 2 times (2/2 completed)
  6. Finish Rollick by December 2015 (On going, but making progress…)
  7. Edit/Revise 2 Short Stories

January: The Stone Maiden (Not Done), The Thinking Man (Not Done)

February: The Stone Maiden, The Thinking Man, The Time Thief

  1. Edit 10 Poems for Collection – January’s Done

January:1. Stripes

  1. A Word Means
  2. There
  3. Panic
  4. Painting Pictures
  5. Pharmaceutical
  6. Orange Spectacle
  7. A Fraud
  8. Butterfly Wings
  9. Rabbit in the Cabinet

February: 1. Like a Writing Desk

  1. Disjunct
  2. Lonely Address Book
  3. Disgruntled Glove
  4. Take Control
  5. Pretty and Poised
  6. Darkened Sunlight
  7. Anything and Everything
  8. Willow
  9. This Feeling

Numbers 6 is an ongoing short story/continuing story I am currently working on for publication. I’m still working out the kinks and, unfortunately, will not be posted on The Uncanny Sublime any time soon. Perhaps when everything is ready, I’ll post the first short story that introduces the theme and format, and you’d just have to purchase the book to find out more! Number 7 is also for a poetry collection that I would like to have completed for the end of the year. All the poems in it will be ones that have been posted on The Uncanny Sublime. What I will add to each however, is a little blurb about what it’s about, what inspired me, just a little background information for the curious reader. Currently, I have about 72 poems prepared and would like to make it to about 100 or so. While I write and post more poems to reach my end total, I want to make some progress added some info to each so when I am near 100 poems, I’ll be close to having a completed work. So it looks like overall, I’m not doing too badly. Let’s hope I can keep it up! If I can, great things will be ready for the end of the year!


[You Get What You Give – Posting on Other Blogger’s Blogs]


You Get What You Give

Over the month of January, I have tested this statement, and I have found it 100% true. On WordPress, and Facebook, and Twitter, if you put the energy into reading, having a good think, and commenting on something another blogger has posted, they are likely to return the favour. It actually makes the whole experience of blogging, and being on the internet in general, more interesting and enriching experience.

I know follow quite a few blog on WordPress because of the usernames and user pictures I’ve clicked on while visiting other blogs I have been following for a while now. I have found unique ideas presented through poetry and creative writings, through discussion pieces, and even a very misogynistic gentleman who thinks women need men in order to survive and basically serve every sexual need any man asks of them. I was quite the blog he had, I’ll tell you. But, I never would have discovered any of the eye-opening things I did without showing some interest and sharing my point of view.

I have seen a fair share of writers striving to make something of their writing, but only one actually posted directly asking for donations, and it was increasingly annoying. The only thing I would see on my feed from him, was him asking for money to fund his writing efforts. He would offer compensation, like reblogging a post of your for $50 and he does have over 10,000 followers, so if you could afford it, it’s a good idea. However, he doesn’t have a job to support him, and not once has he mentioned looking for one to support him so he could keep writing. I was very disappointed because his was the very first blog I followed when I joined WordPress in the fall of 2013. I thought it would be difficult letting this writer go after following his progress this last year, but when I commented with some good advice, he refused to approve the comment. Last time I checked, when another writer offered some good advice, even if you do not plan on following it, you take a moment to say ‘thank you for caring’.

The few comments I receive on my own work, I make sure I give my full attention to when replying back. I do this because I know if I care about the people who do take the time to comment, they will comment again, and make my writing stronger in the long run. They would never say anything mean, neither would I, but constructive criticism is always welcome and should be by serious writers.

You truly get what you give on a site like WordPress. If you post and open yourself to other’s opinions and take the time to comment on their posts, and others, you receive more help. Writing isn’t about making money, it’s about sharing ideas and sharing ourselves. I wish some people, who have a huge follower count, realized that.




Always climbing towards something

Always being just out of reach

Determined to grasp at the elusive goal

Determined to reach the end and rest

Seeing the end only builds the motivation

Seeing that there is an end give pause

What if the end means it’s over?

What if the end means there is no after?

Is there a point to attain the goal?

Is there a reason to keep striving?

I think there is

I think there is something better

After the struggle and pain

After reaching the goal

Determination pushes me on

Determination will make me find a new goal

I will always climb

I will always be in reach

[Poem][You Back]


You Back

Keep a little of yourself

Lean back and take a breath

Close your eyes and clear your mind

Smile a little and let a little go

Give a small part of you away

To someone you can trust

Because even if you lose yourself

No matter how much you lose

They will give a little of you back

They can give you back

They can open your eyes

And give you breath

And give you back you

[Poem][Blank Page]


Blank Page

The blank page is so ominous

Or at least that’s what I’m told


It’s infinity

Waiting to be discovered

Everything you could ever imagine

All you have to do is find the words

The right words?


Any words

There are no wrong word

Only more words to help them along

They give life to things that are long dead

They give meaning to things we couldn’t begin to understand

That blank page

Words become everything.

[Quote][Twice as Fast]


Quote – Twice as Fast

“Does the heart have to beat twice as fast, when it is twice as full as it should be? To love, to have love, for two instead of the ideal one, is it wrong? If they both care, then the answer is simple: yes. If neither cares, then the answer is simple: yes. If one cares and one doesn’t, then everything becomes enticingly complicated. Do you stand firm with the one who cares or indulge in the one who doesn’t, and risk your heart beating twice as slow?

Would, could, my heart then stop and cease to beat at all eventually for another?

Would that be so bad?”

[Poem][Back of the World]


Back of the World

At the back of the world

The sky drops off

Into a brightness beyond

Anything seen before

Can this be the end

Or the shimmering of the start

Can this rise up

Instead of the coming night

Further beyond the back meets sky

Where sky builds around

Bends back to the start

Where the sky gives way

To the ocean starts

And the world…

The world begins