[Only a couple more days until Christmas!]


My tree is up and all the presents are wrapped, bagged, and ready to go!

And yes, I decorated my Christmas tree with tigers. And yes, it was a lot of fun!


9 thoughts on “[Only a couple more days until Christmas!]

    • Haha my mother did it one year for me while I was at work and this year I thought I would make my own. I have so many tiger plushies, all I had to do was find ones small enough to fit on the tree without falling off.
      Next year though, I may have two: one a tiger tree, and a second a Halloween tree =D

      • Amber Danette

        Oh that sounds great fun. I watched a tv programme the other week about a lady who was obsessed with xmas trees, she had about a thousand trees ! Must have cost a fortune, not to mention make a terrible mess. =D:

      • That is ridiculous! I do however know a woman (a friend of my mum’s) who, every Christmas, will put a fullsized or a medium size tree in every room. Literally, every bedroom, even the spare, living room, dinning room, basement, even every bathroom! I don’t know how she did it every year. She would always put them out and pack them up without her husband’s help.

      • Amber Danette

        This proves to me,what I have always thought; Women are so wonderfully talented 😉 Especially You. I had a puny little tree this year, even the fairy on top looked most displeased. 😀

      • I do think more women then men are naturally talented in the arts, but sometimes we need a little push!
        Haha well, there is always next year to be more creative. Hey, you could do a Not-So-Happy Christmas tree! Where all the ornaments looks displeased that it’s Christmas =P

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