[100th Post!][Thank You and Goodnight]


I wanted to thank everyone who is following my blog and are actively reading and liking my blog posts up until this point, and those new WordPress users who have only just begun following my writing. Having you all along for the journey with me gives me a great feeling, knowing there are those that appreciate thoughts that are presented in poems, stories, articles, and reviews. Your support has changed me for the better and I hope my writing has influenced you a bit in the process. Reaching 100 posts in a little over a year is an accomplishment for me.

I have to admit though, I can’t seem to do anything but worry these days. I’m worried about my future and where I may end up. Reaching a point in my life where I don’t have to worry about as many things as I am now seems so far off, how can I feel anything but disappointment and despair? I reached my 24th birthday this year and I feel as though I have done next to nothing with myself. Even though I have been told I am doing fairly alright considering the vast majority of people my age, I feel as though I have willing put myself on a path that may prove too difficult for me to handle in the long run. Writing, becoming an author, being someone that other people want to read and turn to when they want to become writers and so-on and so-on… What if this career choice only leads to a round-about, always leading me back the way I came?

I love to write. Writing is the first thing I think of to occupy my time when I’m bored. Lately though, it has been such a struggle to sit down and take time to myself to write what I want. I think about my characters and their lives placed on pause because I am thinking about something else. Some other people my age have already published their first, some second or even third works, and here I am stuck on completing just one. I have multiple projects going at once, plus the rest of my real life to live though. I’m not asking or even hoping for things to become easier, I like a bit of a struggle. Struggle shows us who we are and what we’re truly capable of. But perhaps I have bit off more than I can chew?

I don’t really expect any responses to this or answers to fall from the sky. It’s healthy to have a bit of a rant and move on, I guess that is what this is. Healthy or not, I’m sure I’ll be posting another of these in the future. Hopefully that one will be a little more optimistic.

Again though, thank you to all who follow my blog. Simply by clicking that Follow button, you make my day infinitely better!


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