Dear goodness, time does seem to slow right down when you’re waiting for someone else be finished with what they’re doing. Currently, I am waiting for my father to be finished with a doctors examination. I don’t mind waiting but the noticeable dragging of time is, well, noticeable.

I’m reminded of the years spent in school waiting in seats for class to end, and university, standing in packed hallways waiting for class to begin. Even work… especially work, some days waiting for my shift to start, and sure as hell watching the second hand click on to the end of my shift.

It seems we are perpetually waiting for the beginnings and endings of events in our life. We can be both elated and saddened by both sides of events. We sometimes strive to have things last longer than they should because we enjoy them, and struggle to make highs end sooner than necessary. We rush to thing we know will give us excitement and run from things we know will not.

Can we find a happy medium between needing to be patient and knowing when to run to or from something? Or is the struggle with patience exactly that? Or should I just be keeping an eye out for my father because, hopefully, he will be done soon?


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