[2014 in review][A Good Beginning]


I just have to say, this is awesome. I know Facebook does something very similar and WordPress has a Stats Page but… this made it so much fun to see how my blog was this year. Now, to the Year in Review for 2014!

A huge thank you for everyone who follows my blog and I hope you have a great New Years Eve!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 910 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 15 trips to carry that many people.

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[New Years Resolutions][Yeah, It’s That Time of Year]


Yes, it’s that time of year and it’s, yet again, being shoved down our throats. The message that we need to improve ourselves is a good one to have. We can always be healthier, work harder in our careers and towards our dreams, and form better opinions about our personal image. What is detrimental though, is media images and campaigns telling us we’re not good enough… yet.

There are aspects of everyone’s life that they are comfortable with, happy with, and see no need in changing anything. It’s only when others and media tell us what we’re happy with is wrong or not ideal. I think we need to reevaluate the traditional New Years Resolutions we commonly pledge to accomplish.

Don’t resolve to be thin(ner), make changes in your lifestyle to become healthier. Don’t struggle in your job to earn more income, find what makes you passionate in your employment and succeed in earning more than just money. Don’t think of your life as incomplete, find what interests you and pursue it for your own happiness.

Personally, I want to find ways to motivate myself to pursue my career in writing and beginning a new career path to support myself and my writing. I love lists, so I think I’ll list a few things here I want to accomplish on a monthly basis. Throughout the year, I’m going to keep myself accountable for what I have and have not accomplished.

Each month/over the year I want to accomplish:

  • Write and Post on The Uncanny Sublime, at least, 20 poems
  • Complete my ongoing chronicle, Rollick the Assassin by December 2015
  • Post Rollick the Assassin parts twice a month
  • Each month, edit and revise my short story collection

And of course,

  • Write because I love it

We all have aspirations and desires in our lives, and I think we need to work towards gaining them. I think 2015 is a good time to start for a lot of us.

[Poem][Something Missing]


Something Missing

There is something missing

I’m pretty sure it’s gone

How would I know though?

If I never had one to begin with?

Do I really need one?

Am I not better off?

What would change?

Would I change?

Do I want to risk being not me?

This empty space I know is here

Can stay a little empty for now

Until I find something, anything

To fill what is missing

[Playing Adult]


Playing Adult

“I believe that everyone else my age is an adult whereas I am merely in disguise.”
― Margaret Atwood

Acting ones age these days isn’t as simple as it sounds anymore. Every year youth’s inch closer to adulthood, they are given more responsibility and more opportunity to shape what sort of adult they will become. Though who they are, their interests and hobbies, and their career plans may be constantly changing, they will eventually settle into a lifestyle. The problem, some would say, is that it isn’t the right lifestyle for their age, or gender for that matter. What is the right lifestyle at any age anymore?

We have 20 year olds dressing like they are 40 in order to look beyond their years so they can be taken seriously. Then, we have some 40+ year olds dressing as though they’re still in their younger years. On the other hand, we have the opposite of both as well: 20 year olds looking like they’re 12 and 40+s dressing as though they already live in a nursing home. Which is supposed to be considered proper anymore?

Usually, people dress the way they would be most comfortable doing whatever it is they love. Often that means a certain range of clothing would be found in their closet, and there isn’t anything wrong with that. You may have a 61 year old babysitting children who are 10, so dress comfortably, and more importantly, in a way to keep up! Other 61 year olds may only garden, or read, or still go motor biking with their adult children and grandchildren. What I would wear on a motor bike I probably wouldn’t wear while gardening, or babysitting for that matter.

I hear often as well, ‘oh you’re too old for that now.’ I call bull on a lot of activities and everyday clothing that is completely interchangeable no matter what your age is. So I say dress to suit how you feel, what you do, and in what makes you feel the most comfortable for yourself. Meaning: dress for you. It’s an idea that floats around mothers when talking to their daughters about self-image and respecting your body, but never really associated with everyone else. Dress to respect yourself. It isn’t a difficult concept. People just need to stop complaining about things beyond their control.

Act the age you feel. Dress for what you do.

Everyone relax a bit already.

[Poem][Illusive Lady]


Illusive Lady

Sleep, the illusive lady

Why do you abandon me some nights

And plague me some days?

Sleep with me every night, my dearest lady

Let me rest and appreciate your beauty

Please do not let me starve from your lack of attention

Show me some love

Show me some comfort

Show me what it is like to sleep all through the night

Love me a little more

Because I love you so much more than you realize

Dearest sleep, you illusive lady

I just want to sleep