[Picture Memorium][Bananaz]



October 5th, 2013, my bunny Bananaz was chilling with me in Guelph, Ontario. He was always such a cuddle bunny from the day I brought him home from the Human Society via PetSmart.

He is now living with me, and his girlfriend Rhubarb the rabbit, in Etobicoke, Ont.

And still the best cuddler around!


[Poem][Comfy Couch]


Comfy Couch

Idle sitting on that comfy couch

Feet up high on the coffee table

Bags of chips and bottles of pop

Piling high on either side

Wrappers scattered around the floor

Living among the mess of your own indulgence

The couch potato personified

Content and unmindful of all around

Achieving the bare minimum to get by

Achieving the next level to unlock the next

Only winning on a screen

Never reaching beyond the remote

Growing wider

Ambition waning

[The Assassin][First page of the journal…]


The edge of a blade glinted in the moonlight…

Upon this blade the world will fall

Life extinguished without a second thought

Cities will bend and break like waves

Upon the edge tears will fall

And the never ending blood-life will flow

Into the sea of the sky and clouds

He will hold his blade firm

And bring all to their knees

His body is young but his eyes are old

They have seen rises and falls before they became his

Just like his blade he is still thirsty

This is his story

This is his craft

The Hunter

The Murderer

The Saviour

The Assassin, Rollick 

[Poem][Free and Thrive]



My Soul

Something beneath the surface it thrives and thrashes


Away All

Something that can break the monster free


To Home

And let the soul be calm once again


My Soul

Break free and thrive




I’m thankful I’m alive and living

I’m thankful I feel love and am loved

I’m thankful for all life has given me

And all it has not

I’m thankful I feel hope and believe in something

I’m thankful I have a future and can live it

I’m thankful I’ve had experiences I’ll always cherish

And ones I wish I could forget

I’m thankful for the pain I feel in my mind and body

I’m thankful for the stress that drives me forward

I’m thankful I can empathize with those I care about

And those that need me most

There are many things I am thankful for

And many I am not

But I know there will always be someone

Just as thankful for me

[Poem][Moonbeam Shadows]


Moonbeam Shadows

Light toes dancing on dewdrops

A warm silence entices the rhythm

Moonbeam spotlights catch every movement

Beyond the realm of consciousness

Her body flows with the grace of shadows

Chasing the light away from all creatures

Engulfing all under their spell

Her fingertips touching the sky

The earth standing still

One more time way from all that

Seeing tips of flowers bowing

Strung on starlight vines

Caught in the motion of time

Dewdrops of moonbeam shadows

Fingertips standing on starlight






Pull me and push me

Lead me to the end

I cannot tell anymore

Where this path will send

Me along this road I know

To where all paths cross

To show me my goal

And reveal to me my soul

Together or alone

I am unsure anymore

To be near any end

Haunts me to my core

The path always ends

But when is a mystery

When I am pulled to my end

I want there to be history

I want to show all that I can

I want to be all that I can be

That only the truth can

Tell everyone possible

That possibility is endless

That the path may end

But the journey is priceless