[Poem][Required to Write]


Radio silence has now been broken.

Over the last week, I haven’t posted anything on here and it’s been urking me this entire time… yet, I ketp forgetting to post anything!

This one piece kept coming to mind though. If only there were a formula to help someone writing, to help them get going when they really need to or want to.
Truth be told, I’m been in some pain this last week and I have been trying to solider through it as it were but… obviously that wasn’t working out very well for me.

I think though I am almost back on track and, hopefully, you will be seeing more of me on here this week!

The Uncanny Sublime

Required to Write:

Items Needed:

  1. Paper – plenty of sheets; preferably lined, in a book
  2. Pen or Pencil – at least two; black or blue would do fine
  3. Cup of Coffee – tall mug; spoonful or dark roast, spoon of hot chocolate
  4. Bottle of Water – 1 liter; ice cold
  5. Pad of Paper – multiple sheet; needed for random ideas and thoughts

~ Find a quiet atmosphere, but not too quiet

~ Find a good time of day: morning, afternoon, evening, night – whatever works for you best

~ Write for at least 15 minutes or 30 minutes or an hour… or longer – depending on above statements

~ Write about… anything you want really. No one can tell you what to write in your free time, because it is your free time.

            There is no true, faultless recipe for writing because it is the most natural thing in…

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