[My First Love][Tiger: Spy in the Jungle]


I love the BBC for documentaries like this one.

Tigers are so close to my heart. I can’t recall loving any animals as much as I do tigers, save for my dear departed Australian Shepherd Willow.

These amazing big cats are critically endangered, with two subspecies having already gone extinct.

I know, I know, a lot of people hate on zoos and wildlife parks for their treatment of big cats, but I do support those that are registered through CAZA (Canadian Aquarium and Zoo Association). Zoos and parks that have earned the approval of CAZA are part of conservation efforts, breeding programs, rehabilitation, and spreading knowledge about all animals, endangered or otherwise. I strongly encourage you to visit yourself or take your family and/or friends to zoos and wildlife parks that are making a positive impact and avoid those that aren’t.

These amazing tigers, and all animals, deserve our help and our love.


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