[The Difference between Night and Day][Part 3]


After a week of what was supposed to be my vacation and it going off the rails a bit… I realized I had forgotten to repost the last part of one of my short stories!

So here it is =)

Feedback is ALWAYS welcome!

The Uncanny Sublime

The Difference between Night and Day – Part 3

After the Finale

An infinite amount of days and nights had passed since the fateful day brother and sister were divided by a god among gods who was simply looking for some peace and quiet. Like clockwork, night and day phased from one into the other without contestation from either side. Even when the weather down poured or hailed or threated to tear trees from their homes in the ground, night and day remained full of cheerful voices and laughter. The people were content, and the gods were content with that.

However, Aleigha could not understand why it as that Sol and Luna were punished so harshly when a more humane solution could have been arranged. She would not have then been separated from her dearest Sol and Luna eternally.

What many failed to realize or, more accurately, admit, is that…

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