[The Difference between Night and Day][Part 2 – Conclusion]


Part 2!

The Uncanny Sublime

Interested in reading what happens to the twins? Well here you go!

The Difference between Night and Day – Conclusion


            As the sun rose the next morning, so did Sol and Luna’s arguments. They did not want to waste time creating a solution in which they both could agree upon when they both knew the other’s pride would not allow for a peaceful resolution. They both knew however, that whatever they could come up with, Morpheus would do much worse. The only problem though, laid in the fabric of their being: they could not agree on anything.

At first they argued about why their likes and interests were better than the others. This lasted for hours and became extremely heated. To decide who was right in saying they were the better, they wanted to ask an unbiased outsider. The only problem with that was no one stayed around…

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