[The Difference between Night and Day][Part 1]


I posted this short story almost a year ago, back when I didn’t have very many followers. I do still think it is a great little mini short story that’s fun to read… At least a little fun to read, anyways.

You can find [Part 2] under the Short Story link on the left side bar, but I will also be re-posting it either later today or tomorrow.


The Uncanny Sublime

This story was originally written when I was in high school, so a good 6-7 years ago. With the aid of a very eccentric and excited English teacher, I was encouraged to continue writing and turn it into a hobby that I cherish spending my time on. Enjoy!

The Difference between Night and Day

            Long before Alexander the Great and Cleopatra of Egypt made their marks on the world, two great twins of the universe are born. They have grown quickly, but have yet to find their purpose and have found no common ground between them. Sol, a warrior of a young man, loved the fresh mornings of new life and sun drenched afternoons. Luna, his sister, a delicate and slender young lady, loved the darkness of rest and the midnight silence of sleep. Their surroundings are not all that these twins find to be different. One could go…

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