Adorable Baby Hippo Looks Exactly Like the Michelin Man


Too adorable for words!
Yet another amazing animal on the brink of extinction because of people. It’s heartbreaking.
But, places like this give me hope. I know there is controversy about zoos and certain sanctuaries, but those approved by CAZA (Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums – ) and are active participants in breeding programs, deserve all our respect. Without their work, we would have lost beautiful animals a long, long time ago.


Who’s this divine little creature? Oh, just a rare pygmy hippopotamus who was born a month ago at the Parken Zoo in Eskilstuna, Sweden, according to the BBC. She’s already made a name for herself thanks to her striking similarity to the Michelin Man.

“She is the cutest little fatty you can imagine,” zoologist Jennie Westander told Sweden’s Aftonbladet newspaper. Which, yes. Definitely true.

Olivia was born as part of an international breeding program (as pygmy hippos are an endangered species.) She’ll spend two years with her mother until she’s relocated to another zoo in Europe.

Courtesy of Parken Zoo

Courtesy of Parken Zoo

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2 thoughts on “Adorable Baby Hippo Looks Exactly Like the Michelin Man

  1. Yes, I know what you mean about zoos: but those that specialise in species on the way out are rarely anything but entirely suited to their residents … Thank all the gods ! 🙂

    • rozaliadame

      Amen to that ^_^ You can definitely tell the difference between zoos that want to help the animals and are there to just make money.

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