[My First Love][Tiger: Spy in the Jungle]


I love the BBC for documentaries like this one.

Tigers are so close to my heart. I can’t recall loving any animals as much as I do tigers, save for my dear departed Australian Shepherd Willow.

These amazing big cats are critically endangered, with two subspecies having already gone extinct.

I know, I know, a lot of people hate on zoos and wildlife parks for their treatment of big cats, but I do support those that are registered through CAZA (Canadian Aquarium and Zoo Association). Zoos and parks that have earned the approval of CAZA are part of conservation efforts, breeding programs, rehabilitation, and spreading knowledge about all animals, endangered or otherwise. I strongly encourage you to visit yourself or take your family and/or friends to zoos and wildlife parks that are making a positive impact and avoid those that aren’t.

These amazing tigers, and all animals, deserve our help and our love.


[Poem][Required to Write]


Radio silence has now been broken.

Over the last week, I haven’t posted anything on here and it’s been urking me this entire time… yet, I ketp forgetting to post anything!

This one piece kept coming to mind though. If only there were a formula to help someone writing, to help them get going when they really need to or want to.
Truth be told, I’m been in some pain this last week and I have been trying to solider through it as it were but… obviously that wasn’t working out very well for me.

I think though I am almost back on track and, hopefully, you will be seeing more of me on here this week!

The Uncanny Sublime

Required to Write:

Items Needed:

  1. Paper – plenty of sheets; preferably lined, in a book
  2. Pen or Pencil – at least two; black or blue would do fine
  3. Cup of Coffee – tall mug; spoonful or dark roast, spoon of hot chocolate
  4. Bottle of Water – 1 liter; ice cold
  5. Pad of Paper – multiple sheet; needed for random ideas and thoughts

~ Find a quiet atmosphere, but not too quiet

~ Find a good time of day: morning, afternoon, evening, night – whatever works for you best

~ Write for at least 15 minutes or 30 minutes or an hour… or longer – depending on above statements

~ Write about… anything you want really. No one can tell you what to write in your free time, because it is your free time.

            There is no true, faultless recipe for writing because it is the most natural thing in…

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[The Difference between Night and Day][Part 3]


After a week of what was supposed to be my vacation and it going off the rails a bit… I realized I had forgotten to repost the last part of one of my short stories!

So here it is =)

Feedback is ALWAYS welcome!

The Uncanny Sublime

The Difference between Night and Day – Part 3

After the Finale

An infinite amount of days and nights had passed since the fateful day brother and sister were divided by a god among gods who was simply looking for some peace and quiet. Like clockwork, night and day phased from one into the other without contestation from either side. Even when the weather down poured or hailed or threated to tear trees from their homes in the ground, night and day remained full of cheerful voices and laughter. The people were content, and the gods were content with that.

However, Aleigha could not understand why it as that Sol and Luna were punished so harshly when a more humane solution could have been arranged. She would not have then been separated from her dearest Sol and Luna eternally.

What many failed to realize or, more accurately, admit, is that…

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Circular lines of start and pause

Not a one evenly spaced

Your bittersweet taste on the rim

Dried drops trying to escape

Slowly losing your warmth

Waiting to be embraced

By working hands

Holding hands

Busied hands flying across keys

Holding up newspapers and tablets

Working on homework and assignments

Ever dutiful you will wait

To be touched

To be loved once more

As your contents are sipped

By lips longing for your tastes

Thank you for holding on for you

To drink your coffee



The perfect temperature

[Feeling Impatient…Crisis of Writing Faith?]


I’m feeling impatient with myself.

It’s not really a new feeling towards myself, but it’s definitely something I wish I didn’t feel… Or at least not feel it so intensely.

I have lists, some written down and some floating around in my head, that literally keep my awake at night. They also keep me from having a restful night’s sleep, which makes things worse…

I have so many ideas I want to get down on paper and on my laptop, but I feel limited when I sit down to do so. I wouldn’t definite it as writer’s block because I’ve experienced that before, and this isn’t it.

I feel as though I’m crumbling in on myself when it comes to my writing. I don’t want to describe it as dark and due to potential depression or anxiety but… it’s striking fear of failure.

I guess all I can do is try to find some sort of confidence in myself and trust I know even an inkling of what I’m attempting to accomplish.

I hate trying to be optimistic for myself. I was to be optimistic when it comes to me but it’s extremely tiring. I don’t feel fake saying it to my friends and family who I know, I KNOW, can be so amazing, because I do believe it… I just have difficulties saying it to myself and believing it.

And yes, Fact #125 is something I have been doing for years…

[Poem][In The End]


In The End

I struggle. There is no other way to describe it.

It was rough. I realized it could have been no other way.

It was a battle. I knew blood would be shed because of it.

There was pain. Beyond the physical. Motivation to live was everything.

There was perseverance. Through it all they did their best to survive.

There were loses. Both sides suffered great. Far more than what they were willing to.

But there were victories. Those that survived, lived.

There were those they lived. They were the ones who suffered the most.

But endured to live for more than themselves.

They did struggle. They continued to struggle.

Once the battle was over and the wounds began to heal.

They struggled with their new knowledge.

The new knowledge of the true now. That they lived with what happened.

The history they carried made them continue. To struggle but they knew they had to live.

The struggle to keep those lost alive. In a new way that could never die.

It was, and always will be, a struggle.

In the end, there is no other way to describe it.

Mental Update


If you have read my blog the last few days, you know I lost my 14 year old Australian Shepherd, Willow on Friday morning. I’m still reeling from the thought that she’s gone. Currently, I am off from work this week and visiting my father in Beaverton, On. Away from everything, I’m hoping for a bit of space and a change of pace to get my mind back on track. I plan on getting a lot accomplished this week, so stay tuned for more Uncanny Sublime ^_^

I also was to mention my Campaign on IndieGoGo to raise some funds for writing, editing, and publishing books, and to get my editing services up and running. I’m looking to raise about $260 for these materials. Now, it doesn’t seem like a lot and a small amount that I could probably raise on my own through work… Well the truth is, my budget is extremely tight. Working retail about only a little above minimum wage with unsteady hours while going through a writing program and working on my stories, I don’t have a lot of cash to spare. Whether it is through a small donation or kind words of encouragement, everything is welcome.  You can find the campaign, and it’s perks, [HERE]

There is only 20 days left in the campaign and any help is greatly appreciated!