I’ve hardly met a superhero I’ve liked

Radio-active, multimillion dollar, from another planet

Post-apocalyptic, hero that looks and speaks like us

The outsider that wants to be human

But knows they never can be

For this reason or that, they are different

Set apart is the natural conclusion

The lifestyle of a superhero

What else could they possibly do

With that which sets them apart

It is their origin, that makes them who they are

And how we see them

These stories that are glorified until they can be rehearsed

By heart and memory, we begin to crave more from them

But in the end they bleed and break, just like us

Even so-called immortals have their weaknesses

Yes they give us faith in victory, but

They never give us the faith we need

The faith in ourselves

The chance to be our own heroes

I’ve never met a hero I liked,

Because they always save us


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