[Poem][The Feeling of a Pen]


The Feeling of a Pen 


Why does a pen, feel so good

Gliding smoothly, across a blank page?

A pencil is different, it has a strange texture

It guides roughly, feeling grainy on the blackness.

Typing is its own beast, text can become anything

BOLDED, italicized, underlined, and hundreds of fonts.

Nothing compares to a pen, it’s a most creative tool.

Your imagination is tested, boundaries pushed.

You must move the pen, you must decide what it does.

Once ink is on paper, it cannot easily be changed.

White can be overwritten, once it is scratched out

Again it cannot be changed so easily, but it is not a mistake.

With pen you see the work, everything is left on the page.

On a computer once it’s gone, it’s gone.

How can you grow, when your changes are forgotten with the tap of a key?

There is something that feels so good.

About a pen gliding smoothly,

Across a blank page,

Not filled with thoughts.


4 thoughts on “[Poem][The Feeling of a Pen]

    • rozaliadame

      Thank you!
      I find I’m the same way. When I can see what I have written in my own handwriting, an immediate sense of ‘I wrote that. I’m proud I’ve written that,” is felt. I don’t know what I’ve do without my laptop, but I always prefer writing on paper with a pen first, then typing.
      Thank you for the comment. My apologizes for taking so long to reply.

    • rozaliadame

      There are a lot of subjects and daily activities that just feel better with a pen or pencil. Math is definitely one of them. Sure there are programs that allow you to type out formulas and equations, but it’s just not the same.

      Another I can think of is word crosses. Nothing beats doing one in a newspaper in pencil. Or that feel of pride when you can complete the difficult puzzle I’m pen for the first time without having to scratch anything out.

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