[Page Updates and Future Posts]


Sitting here at my mum’s apartment in Guelph, I have finally updated the Pages of my blog.

From the many blogs I follow, mine is small in comparison, but I did not realize how many posts I have actually made since the last time I updated the links to specific postings. I like being organized; I enjoy being organized. I discover relief and de-stress when I know I can look at a list of ‘To Dos’ and have the closure that I do have something to work towards when I feel lazy. As great a feeling as accomplishing such a simple tasks as updating the hyperlinks on my Pages, I also feel a small sense of disappointment in myself for waiting this long (months!) to accomplish it. There are always excuses to be made about why it wasn’t done earlier, but this isn’t high school or home and I’m not being held accountable for my lack of effort by anyone other than myself. That being said, I am publicly holding myself accountable now. Now you know I have been a little lazy with my blog. I feel better now. =)

So, what does the future hold considering much of my time is either spent on my retail job or writing and editing for my online writing program?

War of the Seasons will be updated… soon… ish… I do have the next installment written, it just needs a quick edit and to be typed up. I have many other poems and am continuously scribbling down more so there will always been something being posted here on The Uncanny Sublime. A goal I want to set for myself though, is to do more on the subject of tigers since they are such a large inspiration and love of mine. I’ll need to think of a way or two of accomplishing this. If you have any suggested, I’d love to hear them!


Thank you all who take time out of their day to read my blog and the many others who find at least a little fulfillment through writing and sharing it here on WordPress. I would love to hear more for you!


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