[Poem][Filled With Answers]


Filled With Answers

Gently seek the raving mad man,
Who knows all the answers,
But knows no questions.

Find truth in the lies of sleeping trees,
That creak loudly in the silence,
Among rushing flowers.

Ask what no one else will to those we all know,
To set the answers free from the shackles,
To set yourself free in your own mind and soul.

Let the two meet somewhere in your body,
Despite the heartache found among the two,
Let them see each other for what they truly are.

Not all the mad man says is honest,
But think why is he made so in the first place,
When he knows all the answers you seek?

Perhaps he tried too hard to keep them apart,
And it burned all the happiness out of his life,
And the gap filled with answers of knowledge.

Let your heart lead you head sometimes,
Your will will lead your mind,
Your patience will command your body to be still.

Find the truth in the lies,
The sugar in the salt,
The beach under the water,
Yourself in yourself.


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