[“I wish I could write like you.”]


It’s a funny experience being told I have a special skill when it comes to writing. The funny part being that they are not referencing my actual work as a writer but at the discipline they believe comes with being a writer. “I wish I could write, but I don’t have the patience to sit for hours and just pull things from my head.” Well honestly, neither do I and I’m sure most writers would say the exact same thing. To be a writer all you need to do is put pen to paper or fingers to keys and explore anything you can think of. But to be an author is to discern and delve in to an idea that you can’t get out of your head until you commit it to paper in its entirety.
Writing is just like any skill, whether it be sports, tricks, cooking, anything you can be or become good at: you need to practice until your mind and body are exhausted. You know how you come across those people who just seem to find doing something difficult so easily? Trust me when I say those people are few and far between, but should be congratulated and pitied at the same time. If you are already so near perfect at something, where is the thrill and excitement of overcoming the odds and accomplishing something you’ve worked so hard for? If it is so easy to begin with, wouldn’t it lose your interest, causing you to move on to something that is a challenge?
If writing were so simple, if it came to me like a flowing river instead of a flash of lightning, I wouldn’t still be trying to find something special with a pen and paper. For those who wish to write, write about anything you want, everything you want. Publish online, in magazines, in newspapers, and ask the world to comment until you’re ready to write art.
Be flattered when someone says they wish they could be a writer like you, but do not, under any circumstances, let that make you think you are truly prepared to be an author.


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