[Quiet Mind]


I walk among you as though I belong. A stroll through a park, an afternoon at a cafe, a morning shopping at a marketplace. I follow all of you and try my best to be just like you all. I laugh and cry and feel the same things that you all do.

But I am different than you. I don’t see things the same way you all do. I don’t know why I am this way. Why I see the consequences of your actions and know why the world is going wrong. But when I’m the only one who sees, how am I supposed to make you all see what I see?

Have you ever known something, known it to be the truth in its entirety, but no one else could understand quite as well as you could? That is how my ideas are, all the time. Is it not possible to quiet my mind? To hush up all the notions that are so clear to me but so ridiculous to others? To prevent me from being so different than anyone else. Is there anything to at least make it less obvious? 

All I can do is keep sitting, keep waiting, keep thinking on what I need to do, I guess. Eventually, hopefully soon, I’ll find my quiet mind. 


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