[Poem][The Motivation Block]


The Motivation Block


Have you ever been so motivated to act on something that…

You don’t accomplish anything?

The buildup, that feeling, that high you feel knowing exactly what you want to do…

And still you do nothing to achieve that amazing goal.

It’s as though having that raw desire, that complete knowledge that what you want to do is so amazing, that it WILL be better for you,

Is even better than fulfilling that dream.

But how could that be when achieving that goal is the goal?

The motivation of simply having something to reach can be debilitating,

Especially when you have no idea what comes next.

The escapade of ‘what ifs’ comes, and the ‘what will I do afters.’”

Motivation to accomplish is willing rushing towards the end of something,

Even though the attainment of the goal, the end product will enrich your life,

The fear is still there of what happens next.

The biggest fear is that nothing happens at all.


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