[To My Mum for Mother’s Day][ -<3 ]


For my wonderful mother. In all the fanciful worlds, characters, and situations I phantom with my writing, I would never imagine my life, my world, without you in it.


To My Mum for Mother’s Day

Inaudible. That was the only way to describe the strange muffled sounds I was hearing beyond the dimmed darkness before my eyes. I couldn’t understand what my little ears were hearing. Even my thoughts, they suddenly began coming to me, like waking up from not existing.

I was scared. Everything was ne, my memories only just beginning. I heard more sounds, louder this time, I shuffled and heard, “crack!” Oh no! I thought, what was that? The sound was so close, all around, nothing like the inaudible beyond what I could see. Frightened, I moved again to try and see something different, something more. “CRACK!” I couldn’t move without making that terrible sound! What if it hurt me? What if it meant something in this space around me changed? I was still getting used to what was here. Maybe this would was meant to crack?

Frightened, I pushed beyond what I knew.

It was so bright beyond the dark that I pushed against, my eyes shut from it, and the fear of the unknown. The sounds I heard became louder, but my tiny ears adjusted. I heard something new, but I knew it was familiar. I risked opening my eyes.

Before me sat someone much larger than myself, but made no motion to harm me. She looked at me with big comforting eyes, that made my fears vanish. I was glad I pushed out of my little world and had her waiting for me.

“CRACK!” Oh no! That sound, had I done something wrong? Would this new world fall away like the last one did so quickly? I didn’t want to leave, I liked it here!

She leaned forward and nuzzled me, pushing me gently from my spot. I heard more cracking, but quieter this time. I looked down and saw crunchy fragments beneath my wide feet. I stepped on them purposely, “crack… crack… crackcrackcrack!” It was safe, I was still here with her!

I started waddling over to her when I saw more small crunchy fragments, too far to have been from me. I looked around and saw something small. It was yellow and fluffy looking, with brownish streaks. And another! And another! All of them looked nearly identical! They all looked frightened, like I must have. But it was alright because she was there, waiting for all of us to find our way back to her. She made little fuss if one of us went astray or needed a small nudge in the right direction like I did.

She knew we were all her babies and was ready and waiting when we realized who she was.

Patient and loving from the moment our little heads began to think for ourselves, she waited for us to come to her. When we did, when she knew we were ready. she lead us forward in to the unknown, ready to teach us, to pick up if we fell, to show us how to be loving just as she was.

All us little ducklings in a row, our brave Mama lead us on. Although the world could be a frightening place and even when we think we don’t need her anymore, she’ll always be there. She wouldn’t say ‘I told you so,’ when we’d push back under her wing, even when we’re no longer small enough to fit. No matter what mischief we’d manage to get ourselves in, no matter how we may have hurt ourselves, she’d be there to make it better.

Even when I have little ducklings of my own, I know she’ll love and treat them as her own. Still ever the kind, loving, protective Mama that first nudged me out of my shell in to this strange new world.

I love you Mum!

Happy Mother’s Day! -<3


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