[ Finally! A Chance to… ]


To sit down and post!

You may or may not recall that I mentioned my move to another city a few weeks ago… It’s happened and over with! Well, for the most part anyways. A few boxes still left full of my possessions and a bookcase to be got in order to empty most of those said boxes, but any major moving is over with.

I have also been able to facilitate a transfer from the Guelph Dollarama that I worked at with a bunch of awesome ladies, to a Dollarama on Lakeshore Road West, in Mississauga. It’s a bit of a drive, especially if I don’t leave early enough due to all the construction on the Gardiner Express, which is going to be the new norm for the next TWO YEARS! But gladly, the people there are amazing to work with, even after just three days of working with them it’s plain to see how awesome they are.

Those of you who live in Toronto-Mississauga, my heart goes out to you! Personally, I am inwardly jumping for joy that I did not in fact decide to live in downtown Toronto. Getting to Humber Campus – Lakeshore would have been next to impossible! Working on top of that would definitely have been impossible. All I can suggest to those having to make the commute in that area, make good use of Google Maps and its Traffic function! Not only can it give you alternate routes but can help you detour around areas of traffic that’s just piling up.

The countdown to my program beginning is almost up as well! Next Monday I will be beginning my Creative Writing Program through Humber College – Lakeshore and am thoroughly excited to have a professional critique my work and have her input on how to improve. I’m hoping this will encourage me to button down a bit more in order to develop a more stable writing habit so I can work not only on my school work, but also to keep a healthy relationship with my blog readers. On that note, in the next few days, I will be posting another installment of War of the Seasons. Those of you who have been curious about Aeron can finally receive a few answers!

Until then, stay safe getting to where you need to in one piece!


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