[Poem][This Feeling]


This Feeling

The feeling is lost on me, I can assure you on that

A hundred different ways your voice could tell me

It will not get through, this way, that way, or another

That feeling is one I just cannot cherish.

It’s tiresome, it aches in joints not used to holding still

It’s an all over pain that does not cease, for a lifetime it seems

Anything but that feeling, would be a pleasure in comparison

That feeling without you, that feeling with you does not change.

You’re in my life for one reason or another

Granted, you have not been there long

But now that you’re here

Do I want to risk not having you?

I do not know if you’re for me, though I seem to be for you

I’m worried and scared, my mind feels ill with uncertainty

This feeling… I just don’t know

I just don’t know…

But I think I am fine with that.